A Journey Exposed

A 91-page catalogue published by Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art, featuring Gu Xiong’s solo exhibition, Gu Xiong: a journey exposed.

Exposed (2014) is a collection of artworks in which Gu Xiong uses repeated exposure of our memories to gain new insights, with the struggle between individuality and globalization as a central theme. Crushed Coca-Cola Cans symbolizes rebirth as the mass-produced can, in the process of being destroyed, finds a new life as a unique object. Garbage relates the act of garbage disposal to the cleaning and improvement of our inner self. Mass-produced Food beckons the viewer to question our consumerist reality and to create our own reality. Drowning alludes to globalization; globalizing ideas drown individuals, but by staying afloat we are subsequently maintaining our individuality amidst this globalization. Floating Pigs comments on the deterioration of the environment and implores the viewer to rebuild our environment through careful reflection and measured action.

Exposed includes a wide array of artworks but they are unified by their interest in our individual voice in an increasingly globalized society. Please click here to visit the exhibition page that includes a collection of photographs taken from this installation.