In 1986, Gu Xiong first visited Canada as an artist-in-residence at the Banff Centre for Arts. His works were very well received during the residence; hence he was invited for a second residency at the Banff Centre for Arts in 1989, and subsequently immigrated to Canada. Since then, Gu Xiong has been living and working[…]


Gu Xiong: Migrations

This was an exhibition exploring migration issues featuring Gu Xiong’s work for over 45 years, from 1972 to 2017, and was organized as part of Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations. The exhibition was originally scheduled to run for two months between June and August 2017. The setup process was completed within one month with the help[…]


A River of Migration

“A River of Migration,” a mixed-media installation, 150 cast white plaster salmon fish, 150 pair of white sucks, solo exhibition at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art, Friday Harbor, Washington, USA, 2016 “A River of Migration” addresses migrant histories, as well as contemporary issues revolving around them today. The river is a metaphor for the[…]

Waterscapes Hamilton

Becoming Rivers II

“Becoming Rivers II,” is a mixed-media installation held at Main Gallery of Centre 3 for Print and Media Arts, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 2015. This work was part of a group exhibition “- Home (Hyphenated Home)” that took place in several locations in Hamilton, Ontario.  Installation


A Journey Exposed

“Gu Xiong: A Journey Exposed,” a mixed-media installation, solo exhibition at the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 2014 Some of the prints included in this exhibition are now part of the permanent collection of Washington State Arts Commission. Please visit Washington State Arts Commission’s website for more information. Installation   Artwork included in the[…]

Behind Glory

Behind Glory

“Behind Glory,” a mixed-media installation, two person exhibition “Attempt of Image Narration,” at Boya Art Museum, Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China, 2013 Installation Photographs displayed in this exhibition

a room 10

A Room Filled with Memories

“A Room Filled with Memories,” a multi-media installation, two-person exhibition, “Chongqing 5” at ATELIER AM ECK, Himmelgeister Str. 107E. Düsseldorf, Germany, 2013 Installation Artwork included in the installation

Coquitlam Waterscapes

Coquitlam Waterscapes

“Coquitlam Waterscapes,” a mixed-media installation, solo exhibition at Evergreen Art Gallery, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, 2012 Installation Artwork included in the installation


Invisible in the Light II

“Invisible in the Light II,” a mixed-media installation, solo exhibition at Boya Art Museum, Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China, 2012-2013 In British Columbia and Ontario, there are hundreds of thousands of international temporary migrant workers who labour on farmlands and in greenhouses. They come from Mexico, Jamaica and other Central American countries to work[…]

Waterscapes Reframed

Waterscapes: Reframed

“Waterscapes: Reframed,” a mixed-media installation, solo exhibition at Reach Gallery Museum in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, 2011 Installation Artwork included in the installation



“Waterscapes,” a multi-media site specific installation, solo exhibition at Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, 2010 You may watch a video featuring this exhibition on the video page prepared by the gallery. In addition,  4 videos were featured in this exhibition and are all available to watch by visiting the video page. Installation Artwork included in the installation


Red River

“Red River”, a multi-media installation, solo exhibition at Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 2008 The following text is taken from the essay “Toward The New Frontier” by Petra Watson (the curator of this exhibition). “Gu Xiong’s four-channel video installation and photographs exhibited in Red River depict three rivers coming together as a spatial metaphor for globalization;[…]


Gu Xiong/Yang Shu

“Gu Xiong/Yang Shu,” a multi-media installation, two-person exhibition at Beijing Center for Contemporary Arts at Legation Quarter, Beijing, China, 2008 Installation Artwork included in the installation  



“Shifting,” solo exhibition, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 2005 Installation Artwork included in the installation