Gu Xiong: Migrations (Catalogue)

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A Journey Exposed

A 91-page catalogue published by Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art, featuring Gu Xiong’s solo exhibition, Gu Xiong: a journey exposed. Exposed (2014) is a collection of artworks in which Gu Xiong uses repeated exposure of our memories to gain new insights, with the struggle between individuality and globalization as a central theme. Crushed Coca-Cola Cans[…]


A 17-page catalogue published by the Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC, featuring Gu Xiong’s solo exhibition. To view a collection of photographs taken from this exhibition please click here.

Alors, La Chine? (What About China?)

Gu Xiong’s art work, Enclosure, was featured in this catalogue on page 251. What About China?’ is a multidisciplinary exhibition spanning visual art, architecture, cinema and music, that features the work of over fifty artists living in continental China (dating mostly from 1998).

798Art Festival

Gu Xiong was amongst one of the participating artists in this exhibition. His art works are published on pages 94-96 of this catalogue. Beijing 798 Art Festival 2008, which was hosted by Beijing 798 Art Zone Administration and Development Office was held from Sep 28 to Oct 18 2008 at Beijing 798 Art Zone in Beijing,[…]

Attempt of Image Narration

A 229-page catalogue/book published by Central China Normal University Boya Art Museum and School of Fine Arts, Wuhan, China, featuring Gu Xiong’s mixed media installation in collaboration with Xiao Feng. To view a collection of photographs taken from this exhibition please click here.

Here Not There

Here Not There was an exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1995. Here Not There presents sculpture, stoneware and paintings by Vancouver-based Chinese artists Gu Xiong, Huang Yali, Sam Lam, Shi Guoliang and Zhang Qun that illuminate the problematic nature of cultural identity in unfamiliar territory and point to the impermanent character of “home” in the contemporary[…]

Invisible in The Light

A 24-page catalogue of Gu Xiong’s solo exhibition, Invisible in The Light, held at Boya Art Museum, Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China. To view a collection of photographs taken from this exhibition please click here.

China Avant-Garde

Gu Xiong’s installation appears on page 35 of this catalogue. This catalogue of the touring exhibition China Avant-Garde held from 1993 to 1994 in Berlin, Rotterdam, Oxford and Odense. It provides a retrospective of Chinese art and culture in the eighties and early nineties. From the work shown in this exhibition, two broad tendencies which[…]

Montañas y ríos sin fin (Mountains and Rivers Without End)

The exhibition, Montañas y ríos sin fin, presents the work of six contemporary artists from Canada and Ecuador: Gu Xiong, Patrick Mahon, Gautam Garoo, Jenny Jaramillo, Esteban Ayala and Ulises Unda. The works on display address the historical, social and environmental effects of mining in the districts of Portovelo and Zaruma, located in the province[…]

Shanghai Biennale Techniques of the Visible

A collection of Gu Xiong’s art works are available on pages 92-95. “In an era of technological innovation and media staturation, the theme of this biennale is extremely significant. When technology is changing our way of thinking and living, such weighty questions concern us: how to strengthen our intellect and expand our vision, how to[…]


This is a 24-page catalogue featuring Gu Xiong’s mixed media installation, held at Richmond Art Gallery. To view a collection of photographs taken from this exhibition please click here.

Le Mois De La Photo (The Month of Photography)

Gu Xiong’s poem, I Am Who I Am,  and his photographs from Le Mois De La Photo 2001, were featured in the catalogue of this festival on pages 90-91. Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal (MPM) is a leading international biennial dedicated to the contemporary image. Since its beginnings in 1989, MPM produces a unique[…]

Coquitlam Waterscapes

A 63-page catalogue published by Evergreen Cultural Centre, Coquitlam, featuring Gu Xiong’s solo exhibition. To view a collection of photographs taken from this exhibition please click here.

Beyond Image: Laboratory of Light

Inspired by the concept of light and its use in art, 20 Chinese artists brought their works together for the exhibition “Beyond Image: Laboratory of Light” at the Hubei Museum of Art in Wuhan, Hubei Province, from mid-December 2015 to early March 2016. Gu Xiong was amongst the 20 Chinese artists taking part in this[…]

Post Avant-Garde Chinese Contemporary Art

Gu Xiong was amongst one of over 66 contemporary artists featured in this exhibition. His art works are featured on pages 216-219. Catalogue of the exhibition ‘comprised of 134 lots from over 66 up and coming Chinese mainland contemporary artists. The works will be on display to the public at the Four Directions of the[…]