Sketchbooks from the Cultural Revolution

“Sketchbooks from the Cultural Revolution,” an installation, group exhibition “Shu: Reinventing Books,” at Contemporary Chinese Art, China Institute Gallery, New York, NY, USA, 2006; Seattle Asian Art Museum, Seattle, WA, USA, 2007 Installation Artwork included in the installation I was one of the millions of youth who were sent to the countryside from 1972-1976. There was no hope for[…]


“River,” an installation, group exhibition “Starting from Southwest,”at Guang Zhou Art Museum, Guang Zhou, China, 2007 Installation

Shifting Space

“Shifting,” a mixed-media installation, group exhibition “Shifting Space,” an exhibition at Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, China, 2005 Installation Artwork included in the installation  

The City of Rich Gate – China

The ‘City of Rich Gate’ is a Chinese translation for the name of the City of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada and for many Chinese immigrants this city represents the promise of a better homeland. The concept of rich gate represents an interstitial space formed by the act of people’s passing. It is the space between[…]

I am Shanghainese

“I am Shanghainese,” a photo banner installation, group exhibition “Techniques of the Visible,” at Shanghai 5th Biennale, Shanghai, China, 2004 Installation Artwork included in the installation

Richmond: I Am Who I Am

“I Am Who I Am,” a photographic installation, group exhibition “Thinking Textile,” at the Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, 2003 “I Am Who I Am,” is a photograph installation made in year 2001. It uses 25 digital photos to tell the history of Chinese Canadian immigrants, of their hard work and their effort[…]

A Place not on a Map

“A Place not on a Map,” a multi-media installation, group exhibition “A Place not Visible on the Map,” at Centre for Contemporary Culture Konkordija, Vrsac; Modern Art Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro, 2003 Installation


“Drowning,” charcoal on paper, group exhibition “La Bienalle de Motreal 2000 – Every Time | Tous le Temps,” Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2000 Installation  

Walking on Water

“Walking on Water,” a mixed-media installation, group exhibition “Tracing Cultures IV: Cultural Migrations and Difference,” at Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, 1997 Installation  


“Smile,” a mixed-media installation in “A Critical Beauty,” at Open Space Gallery, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 1996  

Here, There, Everywhere

“Here, There, Everywhere,” a mixed-media installation, group exhibition “Here Not There,” a group exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 1995 This installation focuses on our experiences through culture shock caused by facing the hardship of being placed in a completely different culture. This magnifies the concept of where we call home[…]


“Enclosures,” an installation and performance art, group exhibition “China / Avant-Garde Art,” at The China National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing, China, 1989 When I break through the enclosures, I find that I am still in the enclosure. Because disturbance exists for humans, they make many enclosures for themselves. It becomes an emblem of their culture[…]