Art in Turmoil: The Chinese Cultural Revolution, 1966-76

This book has a dedicated chapter about Gu Xiong published on pages (107-118). The following sentences are taken from the introduction section of this book (page 10).

“Many of the finest artists of the post-Mao age had spent some of their formative years as rusticated urban youths. These include the multimedia artist Gu Xiong, now based in Vancouver, whose reflections on his “rustication” experience appear in Chapter 4 of this volume.” This chapter’s title is When We Were Young: Up to the Mountains, Down to the Villages.

You may purchase the book from UBC Press by clicking here. The paragraph below is the description of the book.

“Forty years after China’s tumultuous Cultural Revolution, this book revisits the visual and performing arts of the period – the paintings, propaganda posters, political cartoons, sculpture, folk arts, private sketchbooks, opera, and ballet – and examines what these vibrant, militant, often gaudy images meant to artists, their patrons, and their audiences at the time, and what they mean now, both in their original forms and as revolutionary icons reworked for a new market-oriented age. Chapters by scholars of Chinese history and art by artists whose careers were shaped by the Cultural Revolution offer new insights into works that have transcended their times.”