The Boy in the Attic

This book was authored by Paul Yee and pictured by Gu Xiong. This book is the story of Seven-year-old Kai-ming Wong and his family who have just moved from their village in China to a big city in North America. Everything is new and different and Kai-ming is lonely. The children he sees playing outside speak a language he cannot understand, and because it’s summertime, there is no school.

But one day Kai-ming meets a mysterious boy his age living in the attic of his house. Kai-ming and Benjamin play together all summer but Kai-ming tells no one about his new friend.

When Kai-ming’s father announces that the family can move to a nicer house because he has found a job, Kai-ming doesn’t want to leave. But when he learns the truth about Benjamin he realizes that to make a life for himself in this new country, he must learn the language and find new friends.

Children who must face a change in their lives by moving or immigrating will find much to identify with in this wonderful modern ghost story.

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