A Journey Exposed

“Gu Xiong: A Journey Exposed,” a mixed-media installation, solo exhibition at the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 2014 Some of the prints included in this exhibition are now part of the permanent collection of Washington State Arts Commission. Please visit Washington State Arts Commission’s website for more information. Installation   Artwork included in the[…]

Waterscapes: Niagara Falls

“Waterscapes: Niagara Falls,” a mixed-media installation, group exhibition “The Source: Rethinking Water Through Contemporary Art,” at Brock University’s Rodman Hall Art Centre in St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada, 2014 Installation       Images included in the installation

Invisible in the Light IV

“Invisible in the Light IV,” a mixed-media installation, group exhibition “The Transformation of Canadian Landscape Art: Inside & Outside of Being,” at Xi’an Art Museum,  Xi’an, China, 2014 In British Columbia and Ontario, there are hundreds of thousands of international temporary migrant workers who labour on farmlands and in greenhouses. They come from Mexico, Jamaica and[…]

Waterscapes: Johannean Journeys

1000 hand made white archive paper boats Permanent Collection of St. John’s College, University of British Columbia As children we loved to fold paper boats and float them down the stream. We believed that they carried our hopes for the future, for going out into the world, into unknown places. This work explores the idea[…]

Behind Glory

“Behind Glory,” a mixed-media installation, two person exhibition “Attempt of Image Narration,” at Boya Art Museum, Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China, 2013 Installation Photographs displayed in this exhibition

A Room Filled with Memories

“A Room Filled with Memories,” a multi-media installation, two-person exhibition, “Chongqing 5” at ATELIER AM ECK, Himmelgeister Str. 107E. Düsseldorf, Germany, 2013 Installation Artwork included in the installation

Invisible in the Light

There are countless farming seasonal workers from countries such as Mexico, Nicaragua and Jamaica in both the eastern and the western regions of Canada. In 2013, the population of seasonal workers has reached three hundred thousand people. The globalization current has brought a specific working environment and condition for this group of workers. They had[…]

Coquitlam Waterscapes

“Coquitlam Waterscapes,” a mixed-media installation, solo exhibition at Evergreen Art Gallery, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, 2012 Installation Artwork included in the installation