Invisible in the Light

“Invisible in the Light,” a mixed-media installation, group exhibition “Only When the Shades of Night Began to Gather,” at AHVA Art Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 2012 In British Columbia and Ontario, there are hundreds of thousands of international temporary migrant workers who labour on farmlands and in greenhouses. They come from Mexico, Jamaica and[…]

Coquitlam Waterscapes

“Coquitlam Waterscapes,” a mixed-media installation, solo exhibition at Evergreen Art Gallery, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, 2012 Installation Artwork included in the installation

Invisible in the Light

There are countless farming seasonal workers from countries such as Mexico, Nicaragua and Jamaica in both the eastern and the western regions of Canada. In 2013, the population of seasonal workers has reached three hundred thousand people. The globalization current has brought a specific working environment and condition for this group of workers. They had[…]

Waterscapes: Reframed

“Waterscapes: Reframed,” a mixed-media installation, solo exhibition at Reach Gallery Museum in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, 2011 Installation Artwork included in the installation

Becoming Rivers

“Becoming Rivers,” a mixed-media installation, group exhibition “Border Zones: New Art Across Cultures,” an international exhibition at the University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology and part of Vancouver’s 2010 Cultural Olympiad, Canada Installation Artwork included in the installation “Becoming Rivers,” acrylic on canvas, 5.5′ x 16′, 2010


“Waterscapes,” a multi-media site specific installation, solo exhibition at Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, 2010 You may watch a video featuring this exhibition on the video page prepared by the gallery. In addition,  4 videos were featured in this exhibition and are all available to watch by visiting the video page. Installation Artwork included in the installation

Entwining Rivers

“Entwining Rivers,” acrylic on paper, from Red River, 2008 Visiting Chongqing in the summer of 2000, a friend invited me to a karaoke party at his home. The song “Red River Valley” caught my attention; this was my first time hearing it in twenty-five years. Through this song, the period of the Cultural Revolution re-emerged,[…]

Gu Xiong/Yang Shu

“Gu Xiong/Yang Shu,” a multi-media installation, two-person exhibition at Beijing Center for Contemporary Arts at Legation Quarter, Beijing, China, 2008 Installation Artwork included in the installation  

Red River

“Red River”, a multi-media installation, solo exhibition at Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 2008 The following text is taken from the essay “Toward The New Frontier” by Petra Watson (the curator of this exhibition). “Gu Xiong’s four-channel video installation and photographs exhibited in Red River depict three rivers coming together as a spatial metaphor for globalization;[…]

The City of Rich Gate – Canada

The ‘City of Rich Gate’ is a Chinese translation for the name of the City of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada and for many Chinese immigrants this city represents the promise of a better homeland. The concept of rich gate represents an interstitial space formed by the act of people’s passing. It is the space between[…]