China′s New Cultural Scene: A Handbook of Changes

The book’s front cover features an image taken from Gu Xiong’s installation, Here, There, Everywhere. The book may be purchased from the publisher’s website. The following is a brief description of the book taken from the publisher’s website. “The Cultural Revolution of China’s Maoist era has come and gone, yet another cultural revolution of a[…]

The Semblance of Identity

The front cover of this book features a photograph from Gu Xiong’s installation, You and I, which was edited by Rob Ehle, the designer of the book cover. The Semblance of Identity was published by Stanford University Press and authored by Christopher Lee. You may purchase this book from Amazon. The following paragraph is a brief description[…]

The Canadian Art Teacher (Volume 7. Number 2)

The Canadian Art Teacher is a journal magazine published by Canadian Society for Education through Art (CSEA) two times a year. Gu Xiong was the featured artist of Volume7. Number 2 of this journal. His Art work was on the back and front cover of this Journal. The journal also includes an extra double sided[…]